Maritime & Transport Law                  

We are specialized in the field of maritime and transport law, and in the related taxes and legal advice, especially focusing on Shipping and Yachting Law.

In particular, we are able to provide advice in all forms of contract; especially we are experts in advising on all aspects of ship sale (for example the Norwegian Saleform), ship financing or charterparties. We can offer advice about the questions on preventing pollution and the relevant international regulations.

We help the ship owners or the charterers with all aspects of piracy incidents (Charterparty related issues on BIMCO piracy clause or CONWARTIME, insurance implications, BIMCO GUARDCON contract).

Traditionally, we carry out a wide range of legal services such as:

– Arbitration – seizures – international disputes;
– Leases and Charterparties of ships;
– Transport of goods;
– Bills of lading;
– General and special damages – complaints;
– Assistance and rescue;
– Discovery, recovery and removal of wrecks;
– Collisions – stranding – pollution;
– Ship building project and contracts;
– Ship financing;
– Contracts for the sale, purchase and management of ships;
– Maritime international regulation;
– Corporate, ownership and operational structures.

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