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For over 35 years FLD offers a valuable and innovative assistance to accompany initiatives and business activities at every stage of the life of the company not only in Switzerland and in Italy but also in other jurisdictions.

Creating a company in Switzerland and / or Italy:

To the entrepreneurs who wish to settle in Switzerland or Italy or, as individual, become permanent residents in one of the two countries, we offer a 360° service:

– Search of the more convenient Headquarter in terms of geographical/logistical and tax/contributory  incentive;

– Search of premises for the companies;

– Advice on the type of corporate structure to form;

– Drafting statutes and corporate contracts;

– Research staff;

– Management accounting and tax service;

– Legal and tax advice;

– Mandates for the Board of Directors

– Contracts business

We are active in a wide range of clients from many different sectors: industry, construction; real estate; aviation and maritime; mining, transport.