Areas of expertise

Since 1980 FLD has served Swiss and Italian entrepreneurs in providing practical legal advice on all corporate and commercial issues.

In setting up companies in both countries, we verify and assist our clients in organizing the best structure also from a fiscal point of view.

We support our clients on all the legal issues resulting from their commercial transactions in both countries but also in the international arena.

FLD’s long-standing experience in the real estate sector allows to find solutions to all real estate questions.

We represent our clients before all courts in both countries, as well as before the Swiss, Italian and international arbitration chambers.

FLD lawyers have considerable experience both in Switzerland and Italy in all kinds of criminal cases – including white-collar crimes.

FLD deals since 1980 with Swiss- Italian cross border succession, analyzing the applicable law to the succession.

administrative fld law

FLD has an experienced team in administrative law, with perfect knowledge of both Swiss and Italian administrative procedures.

FLD’s experience in M&A allows to conclude deals in both countries as well as in cross-border negotiations among clients.

FLD experts in employment and labor law provide assistance in Switzerland and Italy to both companies and individuals.

FLD sports law experts work in Lausanne, where the Court of Arbitration for Sport and international federations are located.

Being updated

civil liability fld law

The FLD team specialized in Civil Liability, covering all kind of liabilities, is competent to assist our clients in the related procedures.

energy fld law

One of the most strategic and fast changing sectors is Energy. We assist our clients covering all aspects of both renewable and non-renewable energy.

FLD lawyers specializing in insurance law provide advice on defense and insurance coverage to insurance companies and their policyholders.

FLD lawyers advise businesses and creditors to seek the best possible outcome in cooperation with everyone involved.

FLD advises trading companies and financial institutions on drafting, reviewing and enforcing trade finance facilities