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Italian desk professionals have been operating since 1980 both in Switzerland, in the field of corporate and tax law, and in Italy, in the field of civil, commercial, criminal and administrative law.

  • Sebastiano Floris, corporate advisor within the limited company FLD SA, chaired by the same, is the founder of FLD and head of the Italian Desk in Lausanne. He assists a clientele of entrepreneurs in the corporate, tax and contractual fields, acting as ¬†board member in different companies.
  • Gianpaolo Di Pietto, lawyer, works in Milan, assisting FLD clients in the civil, criminal and corporate fields, advocating before all the courts of merit and the Court of Cassation.
  • Virgilio Golini, ¬†lawyer, works in Pescara in the field of civil and administrative law.
  • Gianni Betti, lawyer, works in Milan, in the field of civil and commercial law.
  • Ilaria Pomponio, accountant and auditor, also specializes in labor law, works in Spoltore-Pescara.
  • Paola Scurti, accountant and auditor, works in Spoltore-Pescara